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Professional Tips and Tricks for Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Consistently cleaning your workplace carpets may impact time, health, and productivity. Employees in a sanitary and clean environment may concentrate on their activities without getting distracted by dirt and mess.

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A presentable and clean workplace also is critical for visitors and business meetings. The first sight visitors see when they enter a new business building is the cleanliness, and a first impression is important.

No two business buildings are alike; therefore, it is difficult to use a “one-size-fits-all” technique for commercial carpet cleaning. DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration will provide several tips and tricks from our own professionals which will assist you in keeping your workplace carpeting looking as new as the day it was laid:

Vacuum on a Daily Basis: It’s our #1 trick for a reason. Vacuuming daily prevents grime from being stomped into the carpet the following morning. Every evening, after the employees have left for the night, your cleaning crew must vacuum every space of carpet. It’ll make it easier to do routine deep cleans and preserves your carpeting in the long-term.

Do Routine Deep Cleans: It may be performed every six months or so, depending upon how grimy the carpeting gets over time. It’ll require the help of an expert cleaning service which utilizes the right equipment. It’s possible to select either a steam carpet clean that uses a technique referred to as hot water removal to rid the carpets of dirt, or dry cleaning that utilizes various chemicals that extract all grime and dirt from the carpeting.

Immediately treat stains and spills: Do not leave grime and coffee stains to fester in carpet until the following deep clean. Train your janitors or staff about how to properly treat stains on the spot. Keep one jar of baking soda, vinegar, and ammonia available in the janitor’s closet and make sure it is used to clear all spills as soon as they happen.

Use the proper technique for every carpet: Some structures have different kinds of carpeting on each floor. It is vital to use the right cleaning technique to treat each carpet. At DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration, we provide a broad array of options, which includes bonnet cleaning, shampoo cleaning, foam cleaning, and much more.