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What Mold Can Do To Your Home

Water Damage Cleanup Alexandria Va

Water damage is akin to a sickness your house may experience, and one of its most apparent and main symptoms is mold. We will preface this post with this simple piece of information: mold is really bad for your house. Knowing that one thing ought to be more than sufficient reason to show caution when it comes to mold.

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Mold Spreads Like Wildfire

Mold grows from areas that are exposed to high moisture and humidity levels. While mold normally grows in some areas of the home without or with water damage involved, it usually spreads and grows colonies like wildfire when inside a house that is exposed to water damage. Mold may grow anywhere from appliances, wood furniture, to the very foundation of your house.

The majority of us may clean mold infestations in tiny amounts, yet when water damage is left untreated, mold usually spreads into massive colonies in a matter of one or two days. When an infestation in your house seems larger than normal, it’ll be time to contact mold remediation services or water damage restoration services to clear the infestation properly. Do not even attempt to clean it on your own, read further to figure out why.

Mold Triggers Allergies

Massive mold colonies, when handled incorrectly, have the ability to spread airborne spores which may trigger uncomfortable sensitivities and allergies. Children, the elderly, and pets are most susceptible to sensitivity in terms of mold spore inhalation. If any area of your house is presently impacted by water damage, and lots of the folks have colds, mold allergies are the most likely culprit. In order to avoid getting even more folks sick, contact a water damage restoration provider to handle high moisture levels in your house.

Mold Damages Furniture

Mold colonies will probably ruin furniture when they have the ability to aggressively infest something to the point where it may no longer be restored. During that point, you’ll have no other option but to toss those infected materials away. But, try to contact a mold remediation provider to see if they still can save the item before tossing it out.

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3 Top Causes of Residential Water Damage


Around 40 percent of all homeowners have suffered a loss from water damage. It may damage your wood, ruin your paint, and spread contamination. Here’s the good news: 93 percent of all water damage might’ve been prevented with the proper knowledge. How is it possible to protect your house from residential water damage? Below, DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration lists three ways you can prepare.

Damaged Pipes

Plumbing systems, particularly in older houses, are prone to damage and stoppages. In order to prevent plumbing issues before they begin, watch for bulges, cracks, stains and additional indications of moisture on your floors or ceiling. If you see a leak, it might be an indication that there’s damage in other spaces, too. Spikes in the water bill might mean you have extra damage to your foundation, flooring, and landscaping. Watch for pipes in spaces susceptible to collecting water, like attics, cabinets, and crawl spaces.


As appliances age, their pipes may rust and hoses might weaken. One good way to prevent build-up in the dishwasher includes running 1 qt. of vinegar through the appliance every month. You also can rinse and scrape before loading it.

A washer valve shutoff kit will prevent the 6 gallons of water a minute from flooding inside your house.

Fridges generate lots of access water which may pool on the bottom of them. In addition, drain lines may become clogged. If there’s a leak in your water supply line which feeds the ice machine, you might come home to lots of standing water. In order to prevent your fridge from flooding, make certain that it’s well insulated. Be certain that you don’t move it in and out of its regular position too frequently, and regularly check it for leaks.

Clogged Drains

Sink and bathroom drains may become rapidly clogged with grease, dirt, hair and additional substances. Pipes may break down; structural damage is common. If clogs in the drain aren’t cleared, problems like sickness, disease, and aggravated health conditions might occur. If neglected, clogged drains will cause damage to additional areas in the house. Pouring boiling water down the drain one time per month may help dissolve soap scum, grease, and additional debris before it clogs the pipes.

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4 Actions Your Business Can Take to Avoid The Spread of Germs

During this time of year germs and viruses are easily spread. Here is a list of 4 actions businesses might take to help their employees and themselves to slow down the spread of germs. If you have any questions about our floor cleaning processes or would like to schedule an appointment call us today.

Dna Pro Clean Fleet

1) Battle misinformation by informing your team of the procedures, risks, and symptoms from a central voice. Keeping on top of advice and news from the CDC, the World Health Organization, and trustworthy sources is crucial. Recommend that individuals carefully choose their information sources and suggest that they not share unsanctioned details on social networks. One voice is important while dealing with issues such as disease spread.

2) Battle the spread. Wherever possible, boost remote work and quarantine the ones at risk. Be certain that you have a plan that keeps folks checking in, as well as friendly reminders about traveling and going to high-risk activities such as international conventions and events and mass sports events. Increasing usage of tongs, reducing open candy jars and ensuring that sneeze guards are over food also helps slow the spread. 

3) Implement/introduce high-level travel procedures. Whether that means no travel or different planes that minimize risk to business continuity, companies must think ‘big red bus theory’ when it concerns infectious diseases. Updating procedures and contact numbers also should be the main priority. Updating security upon devices that are being taken offsite also is a great policy to review and implement right away.

4) Assess pandemic policies – most never will have even been looked at. Multiple clauses and technology likely will have to be updated and likely implemented. From anti-bacterial gels and masks to hand-washing stations, present and introduce the proper information in the correct manner and you will add calm, not fuel more dread.

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3 Reasons Why Floor Care Is Important

It is normal if you want to keep your flooring looking great; however, is it really required to invest in an expert floor care provider? It is, yes, and below we list 3 top reasons why:

Shiny, clean flooring is the expectation, and not the exception

Beforeandafterhardwoodfloorcleaningservice 1

Flooring sets the mood for your patrons right when they enter. A shiny and clean foundation gives them a feeling of comfort-ability and develops a sense of trust in your business whereby neglected flooring makes them wonder what the remainder of it is going to appear like—assuming they are willing to move ahead. DNA Pro Clean pride ourselves in floor care needs of all kinds for your home and business call us today to schedule an appointment.

If your facility is new, you likely will get compliments on the floor. However, unless you invest in expert commercial floor maintenance, it will not always remain that way.

Your floors’ condition represents your company’s level of cleanliness, attention to detail, as well as professionalism. Put plainly, when was the last time you wanted to return to a filthy facility? I’m sure the answer is never.

Safety is a high priority

Even though the look of your flooring is crucial, the subject of safety takes priority. Flooring that has been incorrectly tended to or word down, poses a severe risk to anyone entering your business. Slippery floors and cracked surfaces are some of the main reasons for workplace injuries. Depending upon the surface, regular sweeping will not do a lot to prevent slips. Sweeping doesn’t do anything as far as creating a surface that is resistant to slips. The small dust particles being swept around act like sandpaper–gradually breaking down the friction required to maintain correct footing. Accidents occur; however, if it is preventable, why should you take the risk? Entrusting a high-quality floor maintenance crew is essential if you want to decrease your hazards and restrict your liability.

Concern yourself with your business, and not your floors

Floors are expensive. Taking correct care of your company’s floors undoubtedly will save your facility money in the long-term. However, as a facility director or business owner, you already have a ton on your plate. Handling insurance liability, safety issues, handling chemicals, evaluating floors and knowing the composition of various surface materials easily can become overwhelming–and it probably isn’t in your job description.

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What to Do the First 48 Hours After Experiencing Water Damage in the Basement


You have experienced a flood inside the basement. What measures should you take in order to avoid severe damages while waiting for the pros to arrive on the scene? The first 48 hours are critical. Let’s cover what to do the first 48 hours after experiencing water damage in the basement:

Turn Off Electricity and Gas

Before getting close to the water, turn off your natural gas and electricity. Avoid entering a flooded space until the gas and electricity have been disconnected and/or turned off.

Call the Restoration Professionals and Insurance Company

Figure out if your insurance policy covers any damages. There is a broad array of differences in policies; however, the majority of companies require that you invest in a special insurance that covers flooding. However, sometimes damages from the plumbing system or leaky water heater might be covered. Contact the insurance company to receive accurate information and inform them that you have plans to contact DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration for all water remediation needs.

Quickly Remove Water

Start removing as much water as possible, as rapidly as you can. It’s possible to use a wet-dry vacuum, sponges, towels, mops, and buckets. It is a great idea to open doors and windows, so water moves throughout the basement, and carries out moisture-filled air.

Move Valuables to a Dry Area

With drying underway, the following measure includes removing your valuables to a dry place. Be aware that when furnishings absorb water, they’ll become heavy. Take care to safely transport sofas, appliances, carpeting, and other valuables from your basement. Move them to a well-ventilated, dry space.

Discard Damaged Valuables

Some of your valuables, unfortunately, might not be salvageable. If you have taken action within 48 hours of the flood, there is an opportunity to save organic or porous items. But you must have those items thoroughly dry before the 48 hours passes. Be careful with the following items, according to the Environmental Protection Agency:

  • Wood
  • Upholstered furnishings
  • Paper
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Fabrics
  • Drywall
  • Carpeting

If those items are not completely dried, mold might develop inside the valuables and cause more problems down the road.

Why Is It Important to Get Carpet Cleaning After Office Holiday Party?


Holiday office parties are an excellent time for teams to build camaraderie and bond with each other after years of working together. As you invite the family of employees and clients to your place of business, the office celebration then becomes a showcase for your company.

Here’s how office cleaning and additional measures will permit your business to present its best image during this year’s holiday bash.

Cleaner Workplace This Holiday

Celebrating the completion of a year of success usually is fun for management and co-workers, yet you also have an opportunity to make your business appear impressive to partners and clients who’ll join you. An office deep cleaning makes everything from table surfaces and cubicles sparkle while making your workplace a more hygienic space for staff members to work. Carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning take the job to the next level as you’re attempting to show off your business and build a sense of pride among staff members.

Commercial carpet cleaning takes away the traffic lanes you see in your workplace rugs. Grime and other carpet debris are what causes the noticeable lanes. Traditional steam cleaning might appear to temporarily repair this problem, yet the residues from cleaning chemicals and shampoos linger inside the rugs, trapping grime, as well as causing traffic lanes to re-appear. Your business deserves a better value and more efficient treatment from commercial carpet cleaning services.

Build Toward a Better 2020

Throwing a holiday bash conveys a message to clients and employees that you expect another successful year for 2020. Christmas office celebrations are moments to relax and laugh, yet they’re just as much about imagining what is to come. For workers, feeling proud to work for the business is good for productivity. Partners and clients joining the celebration likely will feel happy to join your business in the celebration and look forward to the following joint venture.

DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration will get your place of business looking fantastic this holiday, so get in touch with them today. Whether you’re having a huge bash or a small gathering for staff members, everyone is a winner with a no-residue, clean carpet solution.

Professional Tips and Tricks for Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Consistently cleaning your workplace carpets may impact time, health, and productivity. Employees in a sanitary and clean environment may concentrate on their activities without getting distracted by dirt and mess.

Need to preserve the bright appearance, color and lifespan of your workplace carpet? Trust only the experts of DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration. Call (703) 520-5060.

A presentable and clean workplace also is critical for visitors and business meetings. The first sight visitors see when they enter a new business building is the cleanliness, and a first impression is important.

No two business buildings are alike; therefore, it is difficult to use a “one-size-fits-all” technique for commercial carpet cleaning. DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration will provide several tips and tricks from our own professionals which will assist you in keeping your workplace carpeting looking as new as the day it was laid:

Vacuum on a Daily Basis: It’s our #1 trick for a reason. Vacuuming daily prevents grime from being stomped into the carpet the following morning. Every evening, after the employees have left for the night, your cleaning crew must vacuum every space of carpet. It’ll make it easier to do routine deep cleans and preserves your carpeting in the long-term.

Do Routine Deep Cleans: It may be performed every six months or so, depending upon how grimy the carpeting gets over time. It’ll require the help of an expert cleaning service which utilizes the right equipment. It’s possible to select either a steam carpet clean that uses a technique referred to as hot water removal to rid the carpets of dirt, or dry cleaning that utilizes various chemicals that extract all grime and dirt from the carpeting.

Immediately treat stains and spills: Do not leave grime and coffee stains to fester in carpet until the following deep clean. Train your janitors or staff about how to properly treat stains on the spot. Keep one jar of baking soda, vinegar, and ammonia available in the janitor’s closet and make sure it is used to clear all spills as soon as they happen.

Use the proper technique for every carpet: Some structures have different kinds of carpeting on each floor. It is vital to use the right cleaning technique to treat each carpet. At DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration, we provide a broad array of options, which includes bonnet cleaning, shampoo cleaning, foam cleaning, and much more.

Five Myths About Carpet Cleaning


Most people can clearly identify when it is time for a cleaning and not just in the spring. Carpet is an exception. Carpet can be very dirty although it may not appear so. This month, DNA Pro Clean is going to take some time and look at the five myths about carpet cleaning. We are always ready to help clean your carpets – we are only a phone call away.

#1Carpets only need cleaning when it looks dirty.
Dark carpet can hold dirt deeply in the fibers of the carpet. Even lightly colored carpet can hold dirt closely to the subfloor and not be visible.

#2Dry cleaning is not as good as steam cleaning.
All carpet cleaning methods are effective on carpets. DNA Pro Clean has several different choices for your carpets. We have some services that minimize water usage.

#3All carpet cleaners are the same.
We laugh when we hear this one. The finest carpet cleaning services will have the technicians, experience, skill and equipment to treat your carpet with TLC. DNA Pro Clean has cleaned carpets for several years now. Our success depends on your satisfaction. You can be certain our work will meet your standards.

#4Regular carpet cleanings can destroy carpet.
Think about this: Why would we have your carpets cleaned on a schedule if this were the case? Regular carpet cleaning is better for the life of your carpet. Return to the first myth to see why.

#5Rental equipment can do a similar job.
There are plenty of machines available at the grocery store that you can rent. These may be passable for small stains and spots, but the equipment is not enough for large carpets and areas. Commercial equipment is necessary along with commercial grade detergents.

We at DNA Pro Clean do want to be your cleaning partner when it comes to your carpet. Contact us today if we can help. We offer free quotes with no obligation.

Where Car Dealership Cleaning Professionals Matter Most

car dealership cleaning professionals

Here, the professionals at DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration discusses 3 top areas for car dealership cleaning professionals:

The Entrance

As visitors initially enter your dealership, you need to make the best first impression you can. However, that won’t happen if your guests see unsightly stains and scuffs within their initial couple of seconds onsite.

Smart cleaning companies recognize that a poor first impression is the fastest way to ruin a potential deal. Due to this, they put a certain emphasis on entryways, and bring spick-and-span standards to automotive dealership entrances.

The top car dealership cleaning professionals go one step further. Besides keeping entrances spotless, they additionally concentrate on the sightlines and spots in which visitors usually look first. In keeping those spaces spotless, cleaning companies strengthen your visitors’ first impressions.

The Showroom

Successful auto dealerships are built on excellent showrooms. Uninspiring showrooms make it almost impossible to get visitors excited about an automobile purchase. In the meantime, a well-maintained, well-lit, and attractive showroom will get visitors’ engines revving.

Before you head to your car dealership, your visitors have been primed by professional photography and slick commercials. As they go to your showroom, they’ll expect a similar experience and feel.

That is only possible as cleaners have the equipment, products, and skills needed to keep the showroom appearing its best. In particular, your car dealership’s cleaning professionals ought to have the resources necessary to keep the floors in spotless shape. At the same time, they ought to have a comprehensive strategy for keeping other showroom components and spaces their best.

The Restrooms

Most of your visitors will never have to use your bathrooms. However, for those who do, an unclean bathroom could rapidly dispel any opportunity for a sale. As a matter of fact, one survey discovered that 39 percent of folks would never go back to a dealership that had a dirty bathroom.

In order to keep your patrons happy, you must keep your bathrooms hygienic. This means vigorous disinfection and cleaning protocols that have a concentration on spaces susceptible to restroom bacteria, such as flush handles, soap dispensers, and faucets.

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Company for Carpet Water Removal


Water Damaged Carpet

It is the last thing a homeowner wants to deal with—soaked walls, floors, and flooding inside your house. Even though you may be tempted to rent out a shop vacuum then deal with the water cleanup and extraction on your own, this is only a job for a pro. Here DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration lists 4 reasons to hire a pro for the job:

Enjoy Peace of Mind

After your house floods, it is easy to become panicked. As you employ an expert carpet water removal company, they’ll offer peace of mind—particularly if they’re available and open every day of the year, 24 hours per day. An expert water damage restoration business will care for all the details in order for you to concentrate on what truly matters.

Prevent Build-up of Bacteria and Mold

As your house floods, it does not take long for bacteria and mold to pop up on the walls, carpets, subfloors, and your possessions. Employing an expert company to remove the water, run dehumidifiers and using moisture detectors will make sure that mold and bacteria does not have the opportunity to build up then spread, which may be a big health risk for you and your loved ones.

Eliminate Odors

Because mold and bacteria may appear after a massive flood in your house, it also can leave behind a dirty, musty odor. An expert water extraction business cannot just get rid of the flood waters, yet they may eliminate the odors that flooding caused, through the use of an antimicrobial treatment.

It’s Possible to Save Your Personal Belongings

You might think that everything is lost after a circumstance of flooding in your house, yet a pro water damage restoration business will help you save as many of your personal possessions as possible with the use of professional-level dehumidifiers, drying devices, and drying mats and will check the valuables for bacteria and mold damage. A company specializing in upholstery, rug, and carpet cleaning possesses special tools to restore and clean your valuables, in order for you not to have to look at the costly idea of replacing them.

Are you suffering with water damage? Do not hesitate to give DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration a call—we’re open around-the-clock for emergency water damage restoration and repair!

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