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Cleaning Your Carpet After a Pet’s Accident

Pet Clean Up After Accident

Did your adorable pet leave a little mess on your carpet? While puppies struggle with housetraining, older dogs tend to have trouble with incontinence, so you’ll surely find a puddle on your carpet occasionally.

While accidents may occur, cleaning them correctly avoids health risks or off-putting smells. With these detailed instructions on how to clean up after a pet has an accident on your carpet, you can finally say goodbye to odors and stains.

The Importance of Timely Intervention

A timely response in removing pet urine from your carpet after an accident is required. The sooner you act, the less chance of the stain settling in and the residual smells becoming an issue. 

Pet accidents may cause ugly and difficult-to-remove stains, so act quickly to protect your carpet from potentially irreversible staining. But stains are not the only problem. Neglecting pet urine may lead to strong and unpleasant odours that will remain in your house. It also makes carpets a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs, which can endanger your family’s health. 

Necessary Cleaning Supplies 

Cleaning up after a pet’s accident involves using the right supplies:

  • Protective Gloves: Always use protective gloves when cleaning after your pet. It will protect your hands from any bacteria that may be present and the strong cleaning solutions that can harm you.
  • Protective Mask: A protective mask is not necessary, but it is recommended to prevent inhaling any harmful fumes from the cleaning products.
  • Cleaning Solution – select cleaning solutions that are suitable for your carpet material. Use mild products that will not damage the carpet fibres but will remove the stain. You can also look for environmentally friendly solutions, but above all, be sure they are safe for your family and pet.  
  • Spray Bottle: This helps with the easy application of water to dissolve the cleaning solution. 
  • Scrub Brush or Sponge: Use a gentle brush or sponge on your carpet that will not damage its fibres. 
  • Clean Dry cloth: Use it to collect excess water from the carpet.

A Step-by-step Guide to Cleaning Up After the Accident

Respond quickly and appropriately after discovering a pet accident on your carpet to avoid permanent damage:

1. Blot the Area

Use paper towels or a clean, white cloth to blot the area and soak up any excess liquid. Do not rub the area.

2. Apply the Cleaning Solution

Carefully add the cleaning solution, making sure not to add more than needed. The solution needs time to soak into the stain, so give it a few minutes to settle.

3. Gently Scrub the Stain 

Scrub the stained area carefully with a sponge or brush once the cleaning solution is soaked. Avoid forceful moves that could ruin the carpet’s fibres. Rub the stain gently in circular strokes instead.

4. Rinse the Area

Rinse with clean water to remove any remaining cleaning solution. Repeat until the water is clear.

5. Remove Excess Moisture

Use a clean cloth to remove any remaining water on the carpet after rinsing. Repeat until all the water is removed.

6. Let It Dry

Let the carpet air dry entirely. Speed up drying by opening windows or using fans to increase air circulation. To prevent the carpet from becoming re-soiled or damaged, wait until it is totally dry before stepping on it.

Select the Right Cleaning Product

Selecting a correct cleaning solution not only removes the stain but also protects your carpet and your family. When choosing the product, consider the carpet’s material, stain type, and any allergic reactions or sensitivities in your family. Apply the product to a little hidden area on your carpet to see how it works before you apply it to the stain.

Enzymatic Cleaners

Regarded as an environmentally friendly and safe option for humans and pets, enzymatic cleaners are gaining popularity. These cleaners use helpful and non-pathogenic bacteria to create enzymes to decompose the stain and odour molecules so bacteria can easily digest them. 


They speed up the decomposition process, but be sure to choose the right type of enzyme. Different enzymes are used to dissolve different stain types. 

Oxygen-Based Cleaners

These cleaners work best on stubborn and deep carpet stains, but they are also great for new stains. They activate once they come in contact with the stain and will continue to work for several hours. 

You can safely use oxygen-based cleaners on dog beds, carpets, upholstery furniture, and almost everywhere. They help remove the colour and remove the odour from the stain.

Natural Remedies to Use

Some pet owners wish to avoid harsh chemicals, so they turn to common home products to neutralize the smell and remove stains. Give these all-natural cures a try.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap

Mix one part dish soap and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, and apply the mixture to the stain. Allow it to settle for a few minutes. You can also add vinegar and baking soda to the mixture. This combination is very effective for cleaning fresh stains and odours, but it can also help with old stains. Make sure the area is properly ventilated when working with this combination.


Yes, vodka can naturally remove pet urine and its odours from the carpet. Because of its composition of ethanol and water at 40% purity, vodka acts as a disinfectant and a stain fighter. Add 50% vodka and 50% water to a spray bottle, or you can even add pure vodka to the stain directly. Allow 10-15 minutes to sit and remove with blotting. Although effective on carpets, vodka can harm wood finishes on flooring. 

Vinegar and Baking Soda 

This is a well-known combination used to reduce stains and act as a natural deodorizer. They take care of the stain’s pH, where vinegar neutralizes the ammonia from urea in urine, and the baking soda makes an excellent deodorizer. Mix 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water, adding it to the stain. Use a dry towel, blot the area dry and then sprinkle ½ cup baking soda. Let the baking soda dry, and then vacuum it. 

Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Service 

Coming home to find that your cherished pet has had an accident on the carpet can really put a damper on your day.  So, how to clean up after a pet has an accident on your carpet with little work and expense? Use one of the suggested methods above, or if you’re facing tough stains and persistent odours, let experts handle it. 

Reach out to Voda Cleaning & Restoration and let our experts work their magic on your carpets, leaving them impeccably clean and free of any spots. Take action now – schedule a consultation or contact us without delay!