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Five Myths About Carpet Cleaning



Most people can clearly identify when it is time for a cleaning and not just in the spring. Carpet is an exception. Carpet can be very dirty although it may not appear so. This month, DNA Pro Clean is going to take some time and look at the five myths about carpet cleaning. We are always ready to help clean your carpets – we are only a phone call away.

#1Carpets only need cleaning when it looks dirty.
Dark carpet can hold dirt deeply in the fibers of the carpet. Even lightly colored carpet can hold dirt closely to the subfloor and not be visible.

#2Dry cleaning is not as good as steam cleaning.
All carpet cleaning methods are effective on carpets. DNA Pro Clean has several different choices for your carpets. We have some services that minimize water usage.

#3All carpet cleaners are the same.
We laugh when we hear this one. The finest carpet cleaning services will have the technicians, experience, skill and equipment to treat your carpet with TLC. DNA Pro Clean has cleaned carpets for several years now. Our success depends on your satisfaction. You can be certain our work will meet your standards.

#4Regular carpet cleanings can destroy carpet.
Think about this: Why would we have your carpets cleaned on a schedule if this were the case? Regular carpet cleaning is better for the life of your carpet. Return to the first myth to see why.

#5Rental equipment can do a similar job.
There are plenty of machines available at the grocery store that you can rent. These may be passable for small stains and spots, but the equipment is not enough for large carpets and areas. Commercial equipment is necessary along with commercial grade detergents.

We at DNA Pro Clean do want to be your cleaning partner when it comes to your carpet. Contact us today if we can help. We offer free quotes with no obligation.