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How to Prolong the Life of your Upholstery

Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Commercial furniture has to withstand daily use. Within common spaces such as lobbies, you have to have well-made pieces which are able to provide you years of functionality without having to show too many indications of wear. Discover the best way to clean your organization’s upholstery and sustain your investments with ideas from the specialists at DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration.   

Select Durable Furniture

Sustaining your furniture begins with picking the proper pieces, particularly for high-traffic spaces. Use the following tips for choosing furniture for your company to make cleaning, as well as maintaining them in the future even easier:

  • Search for furniture made with materials which are simple to care for. Protected and sealed leather, polyester blends and cotton, or even washable, removable cushion covers might be great options for your company.
  • Select furniture that is designed of commercially rated upholstery. Commercial fabrics are built to last and durable; therefore, your investments ought to have the ability to put up with day-to-day wear and tear.
  • Locate upholstery that has stain-resistant coatings. Those coatings are particularly helpful in high-traffic spaces. If the furniture you adore does not have stain-resistant coatings, you might have the ability to apply your own afterward.

Regularly Maintain and Inspect Upholstery 

A huge part of keeping upholstery in good condition begins with routine visual inspections. It’s something to do during routine maintenance and cleaning of your whole company. Use the following tips to assist you in identifying and treating any problematic spaces before they permanently damage upholstery:

  • Check upholstered furniture for stains, stains, and possible water damage. Spot clean as needed.
  • Regularly vacuum upholstery and beat cushions to avoid build-up of debris and dust.
  • Flip or rotate cushions to prevent sagging in areas which get lots of use.
  • Rotate furniture in order to avoid long-range sun exposure. Changing the setup or switching which furniture piece receives the most sun exposure will help extend the life of your furniture.

Have Upholstery Cleaned By the Pros

While consistent upkeep will keep your furniture appearing gorgeous from day to day, nothing will beat a professional cleaning. Upholstery cleaning services will restore the feel and look of upholstered furniture while additionally removing all harmful dust, oils, dead skin cells, allergens, and more.