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Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your upholstery should be part of your cleaning routine. This way, you can maintain the appearance of your furniture and prolong its life, making the most out of your purchase.

Neglecting maintenance can lead to foul-smelling upholsteries due to sweat, spilled drink or food, and pet smells that have accumulated over time. Your upholstery can also be a host for bacteria, mold, dust and mites, jeopardizing your health.

DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration provides professional upholstery cleaning that helps remove ingrained soil, restore freshness, and preserve appearance.

DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration uses DriMaster technology that will effectively clean, and restore the integrity of your upholstery furniture. The upholstery cleaning will also be based on the fabric care specification to ensure the original quality of your furniture is preserved.

DNA Pro uses only the best of Green-­Certified cleaning products in industry that provides safe, non­toxic, healthy environment for your home, business, and your DNA.

Final results will give you upholstery that looks clean, healthy and smells fresh.

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