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How To Keep Your Carpet Clean With Pets

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When it comes to having pets in our homes, most of us treat them like one of our children. They sleep with us, play with us, and sometimes even eat with us. But when you have carpet in your home, they can cause quite a mess. With all the love that our pets bring, they also bring things like potty training, litter boxes, muddy paws after a big storm, fur in places we don’t even see, and sometimes drool. So if you have a four-legged friend and need some tips to keep your home feeling clean, keep reading!

Keep A Doormat And Towel By Your Door (Especially During The Rainy Seasons)

When it rains, it pours. Have you ever had a pet track those muddy paws all-around your home after some time outside? It is no fun trying to get those stains out, so try cleaning your pet as much as you can before they enter your home. Using a towel on their paws and fur before they come back inside will not only prevent your carpets from staining, but that wet dog smell will not take over your home when they come back inside. A doormat can also help the mess when they run inside quickly, and you cannot get to the towel soon enough. Prevention is vital when dealing with mud and carpet.

Keep A Mat Under The Litter Box

Cats are clean animals by nature. They are always cleaning and making sure their spaces are neat and tidy. But when they use a litter box, they don’t mind shaking off their paws to keep clean, even if it means litter landing on your carpets that you will have to vacuum later. Having a mat under your cat’s litter box will prevent the mess they make when they shake their paws after getting out, and it will prevent unwanted smells lingering deep in your carpet. Most pet stores sell mats to put underneath litter boxes so you can avoid the mess as best possible. If you want to go an extra step, try placing the litter box in the garage and letting your pet out as much as possible throughout the day to prevent any accidents.

Buy Blankets For Your Pet

We all love cuddling with our beloved pets, but no one likes their carpets, bed, or couches to smell like them. Having blankets designated for our furry friends will help with the smell, and pets love having things of their own! Throw a blanket over your couch when you want to lay with your dog or cat, and you won’t have to worry about the mess of fur they would have left behind. The great thing about having a blanket for your pet is that you can move it wherever they want to lay. Whether it be the carpet or your couch, your pet can sleep peacefully, and your mind can be put at ease when you don’t have to worry about vacuuming the sofa over and over.

Dish Soap

Yes! You read that right. Dish soap can help get those tough stains out. If you leave the house for a while or are potty training your puppy, dish soap can usually handle the mess until you can get your carpets cleaned. Keep a bottle handy, so you can be prepared for the messes that come with having a pet.

And If It Is Too Late For The Dish Soap Method

Hire a carpet cleaning company. Sometimes our pets leave messes that we cannot handle, and there is nothing better than having your carpets professionally cleaned. When you get your carpets cleaned, your pets are less likely to have accidents since the smell is fresh, and they aren’t reminded that your carpets could be a place to “go” when they need to. Sometimes, we become nose blind to the smells our pets leave behind, and it can turn guests away when they come to visit. It is advised to get your carpets cleaned 1-2 times per year to keep your carpets smelling brand new.

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