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Why Clean Carpets Matter

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Carpet cleaning is one of the most overlooked cleaning solutions in homes because people get a false sense of cleanliness after they have vacuumed. If you have pets, then you know how pet hair seems to accumulate in the fibers of your carpet, especially in the corners of the room.

Pet hair has its own set of allergens, mites, and sometimes fleas. Fleas leave behind waste that gets ground into your carpet and without adequate cleaning, it lives there.

Regular cleaning of carpets has other benefits too. It keeps your carpet looking cleaner, extends its life, and improves airflow throughout the home.

How Dirty Carpets Impact Your Health

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Your carpets are at the bottom end of gravity. Everything falls on them. Dust mites, pet hair, particle pollution, lead, mold spores, pesticides, dirt, and dust dig deep into carpets. That’s just what settles into your carpet from inside the home. Add the outside dirt and allergens along with anything else you’ve stepped in, and that carpet becomes a health hazard.

The most at risk are people with severe allergies and children. Children are not only closer to the ground, but they spend time playing on the floor. Babies learn to crawl and explore their world by putting everything in their mouths, which includes whatever grime is in the carpet.

Regular vacuuming is good for the surface area of your carpet, but what about the ground-in dirt that gets into the fibers? The more dirt, the more bacteria begins to grow.

Most households can make do with annual carpet cleaning, but homes with lots of traffic and small children should try to clean the carpets every 6-9 month and every 3-4 months with children and pets.

Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Search the internet for cleaning carpet companies and you’ll get dozens upon dozens of results. How do you choose? Aren’t they all the same anyway? Not even close.

The very last thing you should look at when comparing companies is the price. You can find some inexpensive options, but you will get poor results. Amateur carpet cleaners often don’t know the equipment and don’t have the same knowledge and experience as a trained technician.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Eco-friendly – using only safe, non-toxic carpet solutions.
  • llCRC and CRI standards – The Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification and the Carpet and Rug Institute, teaches the science of carpet cleaning to professional providers. There is a scientific method for optimal results.
  • Positive Reviews – Check Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, and other local listings for reviews about the company you are thinking about choosing. Talk to people you know who have used them. If something seems off about the service, they will be sure to tell you.

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Cleaning your carpets isn’t really a DIY job unless you were trained by someone who knows how to do it properly. Your health can be so greatly impacted by a dirty carpet that the American Lung Association has a section on their website discussing how your carpet can have a negative impact on health.

And remember, carpets inside of businesses get dirty too. Those carpets need to be cleaned as frequently if not more so than households due to the higher traffic volume.

Pick a day every year that you can plan to have your carpets cleaned. It will extend the life of the carpet, keep your home smelling fresh, and give you better health.

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