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4 Actions Your Business Can Take to Avoid The Spread of Germs

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During this time of year germs and viruses are easily spread. Here is a list of 4 actions businesses might take to help their employees and themselves to slow down the spread of germs. If you have any questions about our floor cleaning processes or would like to schedule an appointment call us today.

Dna Pro Clean Fleet

1) Battle misinformation by informing your team of the procedures, risks, and symptoms from a central voice. Keeping on top of advice and news from the CDC, the World Health Organization, and trustworthy sources is crucial. Recommend that individuals carefully choose their information sources and suggest that they not share unsanctioned details on social networks. One voice is important while dealing with issues such as disease spread.

2) Battle the spread. Wherever possible, boost remote work and quarantine the ones at risk. Be certain that you have a plan that keeps folks checking in, as well as friendly reminders about traveling and going to high-risk activities such as international conventions and events and mass sports events. Increasing usage of tongs, reducing open candy jars and ensuring that sneeze guards are over food also helps slow the spread. 

3) Implement/introduce high-level travel procedures. Whether that means no travel or different planes that minimize risk to business continuity, companies must think ‘big red bus theory’ when it concerns infectious diseases. Updating procedures and contact numbers also should be the main priority. Updating security upon devices that are being taken offsite also is a great policy to review and implement right away.

4) Assess pandemic policies – most never will have even been looked at. Multiple clauses and technology likely will have to be updated and likely implemented. From anti-bacterial gels and masks to hand-washing stations, present and introduce the proper information in the correct manner and you will add calm, not fuel more dread.

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