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3 Top Causes of Residential Water Damage


Around 40 percent of all homeowners have suffered a loss from water damage. It may damage your wood, ruin your paint, and spread contamination. Here’s the good news: 93 percent of all water damage might’ve been prevented with the proper knowledge. How is it possible to protect your house from residential water damage? Below, DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration lists three ways you can prepare.

Damaged Pipes

Plumbing systems, particularly in older houses, are prone to damage and stoppages. In order to prevent plumbing issues before they begin, watch for bulges, cracks, stains and additional indications of moisture on your floors or ceiling. If you see a leak, it might be an indication that there’s damage in other spaces, too. Spikes in the water bill might mean you have extra damage to your foundation, flooring, and landscaping. Watch for pipes in spaces susceptible to collecting water, like attics, cabinets, and crawl spaces.


As appliances age, their pipes may rust and hoses might weaken. One good way to prevent build-up in the dishwasher includes running 1 qt. of vinegar through the appliance every month. You also can rinse and scrape before loading it.

A washer valve shutoff kit will prevent the 6 gallons of water a minute from flooding inside your house.

Fridges generate lots of access water which may pool on the bottom of them. In addition, drain lines may become clogged. If there’s a leak in your water supply line which feeds the ice machine, you might come home to lots of standing water. In order to prevent your fridge from flooding, make certain that it’s well insulated. Be certain that you don’t move it in and out of its regular position too frequently, and regularly check it for leaks.

Clogged Drains

Sink and bathroom drains may become rapidly clogged with grease, dirt, hair and additional substances. Pipes may break down; structural damage is common. If clogs in the drain aren’t cleared, problems like sickness, disease, and aggravated health conditions might occur. If neglected, clogged drains will cause damage to additional areas in the house. Pouring boiling water down the drain one time per month may help dissolve soap scum, grease, and additional debris before it clogs the pipes.

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