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How to Prepare for An Oriental Area Rug Cleaning



Here, the friendly folks at DNA Pro Cleaning lists the steps to preparing for an oriental area rug cleaning:

Remove clutter

Our area rug cleaners vacuum before the primary cleaning process, yet bigger clutter such as toys, shoes, etc., may get in the way. In removing those objects from the area rug, it’s possible to assist in ensuring that your Oriental area rug is cleaned safely, efficiently, and thoroughly.

Remove light furnishings

Most folks place their Oriental area rugs beneath coffee tables and additional small furniture pieces.  While those focus furniture pieces may do wonders to tie the decor of room together, it may get in the way of the cleaning. Set pieces of furniture—like plant stands, floor lamps, and coffee tables—to the side within a nearby room, and move them back after cleaning, as the area rug is dry.

Note any stains and additional focus areas

Occasionally, once you have noticed a stain or flaw on the area rug, that may become all you see as you look at the rug. We want to ensure that you’re fully satisfied as we’ve completed your Oriental area rug cleaning; therefore, if there are any areas in which you want additional care, make note of them and share it with your cleaner.

Make arrangements for pets

A new person inside your home, especially one that brings new equipment and smells with them, potentially can agitate your pets; therefore, ensure that you’ve prepared for this. It may be smart to have your pet remain with a relative or a friend, or even in the backyard or closed in another room.

Clear a path

It may be simple to forget that a technician must get himself and equipment from his van to the front door and from the front door to your rug. Ensure that there’s a pathway he’s able to take to clean your rug efficiently and safely. Some techs use equipment that’s attached to the vehicle, so it might be an excellent idea to move automobiles out of the way so that the vehicle is as close to the entrance as it can be.