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How to Maintain an Oriental Rug

Oriental Rug 1
Oriental Rug

Oriental Rug 1Oriental rugs will add a special appeal to any house, yet they additionally need their own unique maintenance.

They create an atmosphere of elegance, artistry, and upscale beauty in your house which cannot be accomplished with the average rug. Even though Oriental rugs set a high aesthetic standard, the rugs also need a high standard of upkeep.

If you’ve been searching for methods of better maintaining your Oriental rug, think about these useful tips:

Regularly Rotate

Even though some pros claim you just have to rotate the rug every 1 – 2 years, it’s typically better to shoot for rotating every 1-2 months, if it’s situated in a high traffic space. Doing that will permit for more evenly distributed wear, giving your rug a more uniform appearance, which will assist in maintaining both value and appearance.

Block sunlight

Over a period of time, sunlight may cause the dye within the Oriental rug to dramatically fade. In order to prevent premature fading, you always should block sunlight from reaching the rug as often as possible. If this step isn’t possible, make sure that you rotate the rug as frequently as you can to make sure there is more uniform fading.

Flip rug

The majority of Oriental rugs have fringes on their end which may become tangled and twisted easily. It is vital to avoid combing the fringe in order to release the tangles, since it may cause damage to the fringe’s natural fibers. Flip the rug end over end instead, to permit the fringe to more naturally straighten out.

This may be accomplished by grabbing one part of the carpet and strolling it over the other end. Besides that process, you also should gently shake the rug to help straighten the fringe out.


Even though all rugs require vacuuming, it is especially essential to regularly vacuum the Oriental rug to keep its natural fibers from getting packed down by excessive traffic. It’s typically better to turn the beater bar off while vacuuming the rug to prevent tears or runs in the fragile fibers.

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