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Helping Water Clean Better

Water is a great cleaner. But just like you,
sometimes it needs a DNAccnl_JUN2018_DNA_web 1little help…

H2O is an amazing liquid. It is useful for manufacturing, transportation, firefighting,energy production, cooking, agriculture, recreation and of course, drinking. Wateralso has some unique qualities that make it an excellent cleaner.
Water is a polar molecule, meaning it has both positively and negatively charged sides. Without going into too much chemistry here, this means that water can attract to and surround a great variety of substances. Think about everything that water can dissolve or dilute and you beginto understand why water is referred to as the “universal solvent.”

But water can’t dissolve everything. Dirt and grime usually adhere to skin, clothing, and other surfaces by combining with body oils, cooking fats, lubricating greases, and similar substances. Because these substances don’t mix with water, washing with water can’t remove them or the bonded soil. Sometimes it needs a little help. Here are some ways that we can help water clean better.

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