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6 Useful Carpet Cleaning Hacks

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With several flooring options, carpeting is still one of the most popular choices. It is suitable for all seasons with its comfort and appearance. But, as you cannot wash or scrub it daily, it requires high maintenance. In this blog, you will learn some tips for carpet cleaning to help your carpets stay as clean as new!

1. Try Deep Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is beyond just vacuuming daily. The dust and debris will continue collecting at the base, and soon the carpet loses its bright shade. This happens especially with the long hair carpets because it is difficult to remove every dust particle from them. In this case, regular deep cleaning is the best option. Typically, a homeowner should deep clean their carpets after every five to six months. The deep cleaning process involves using a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner will inject the cleaning solution with the hot water deep down into the carpet. It will then suck the cleaning solution along with the dust, debris, and mild spill spots, leaving your carpet fresh and new.

2. Use A Lint Roller

Having a pet along with carpet flooring is a dangerous combo when it comes to keeping clean. It is challenging to remove pet hair from the carpet since the hairs get stuck in the fibers. Since you can’t deep clean your carpets daily, a great tool to use while still getting as much hair removed as possible is a lint roller. Lint rollers have a strong adhesive, and when you roll the lint roller over the carpet, all the stuck-in hair, dust, and crumbs stick to it.

3. The Right Way To Clean Spots

One tip every carpet expert will tell you is never to rub your carpet. If you accidentally get spills and spots on the rug, control your urge to rub-clean it. Instead, dab the stain softly with a clean cloth or a paper towel. A towel will soak up the spills. Also, dab the stain from the outer edge towards the center. It will help the mess to stay isolated and not expand to other areas of your carpet.

4. Carbonated Water

One of the best and easiest ways to eliminate spots is carbonated water. Pour the water onto the spot with the help of a paper towel and clean the stain. If the stain is harder to clean, you can also mix white vinegar and water with carbonated water. Spray this solution on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, clean the mess with a wet paper towel.

5. Dish Soap

In case your carpet has greasy spills, dish soap can help. It is effortless, and most homeowners have this cleaning agent in their homes already. Just spray the warm water and dish soap mixture on the stain and rub it with a clean cloth. After that, soak the paper towel in water and put it over the compromised area. Followed by these steps, iron a wet paper towel over the spot to get it completely dry.

6. Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

If these hacks don’t meet your needs or you have a large area that needs cleaning, consider hiring a company to help you. You will be left satisfied and your home will feel brand new!

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