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If you have any pets, you know they are cherished family members. In addition, you know that while your cat or dog might be your best buddy, they also can cause the periodic accident on rugs and carpets. It is a common occurrence that impacts dog and cat owners all of the time and brings a consistent demand for DNA Pro Clean services.

Urine odor from dogs and cats may ruin the most gorgeous of homes. The majority of homeowners are not aware of what’s required to successfully extract urine smells and spots from carpeting. Handling pet urine odors may be particularly challenging because, after a couple of weeks, an unsuspecting pet owner may become fully desensitized to the lingering odor. However, visiting friends and family members will instantly notice the smell, which may be a humiliating situation for homeowners. However, the issue of pet urine smell might extend beyond humiliation.

For homeowners thinking about placing their home on the market, offensive dog and cat smells may directly impact the sale’s price.
Most people will suffer issues with pet smells in their upholstery and carpets. No matter how many times they try to clean, attempting a number of different products, they will not have the ability to successfully eliminate the smell on their own. Occasionally it may be someone whose renter has allowed their pet to soil the carpeting on several occasions. It also is common to have someone who has a new pup that had multiple accidents throughout the apartment. Even elderly felines have a difficult time correctly using their litter boxes, and eventually can begin to soil the surrounding carpets.

pet playing in carpet

Pet urine is a combination of uric acid, nitrogen, hormones, bacteria, and ammonia. It is the uric acid that triggers a lingering odor even after you have cleaned up after your cat or dog. It may be particularly potent when there’s humid air.

Since a dog’s sense of smell is more powerful than that of humans, it is vital that you remove all urine odor traces. Failing to correctly remove all urine odor traces may lead to a repeat in accidents. A canine will probably go back to the same area and repeat the process.

DNA Pro Clean specializes in permanently eliminating and removing serious nasty odor cases, right at the source. It is the only way to really remove the smell, and your customers may be confident knowing that DNA Pro Clean can do what other companies can’t.

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