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How To Recover From Water Damage

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Water damage can happen to anyone, even if you have never experienced it before. Therefore, you must know what to do in this situation to recover quickly and minimize the damage done. This article will teach you how to prevent water damage from occurring again in your house or business, so read on!

1. Remove All Standing Water From The Area

The first and most crucial step when facing water damage is to remove any standing water. You want to get as much water out of the area as possible. As soon as you notice a problem, start removing any standing water from your property.

For this step to be effective, it may require more than one person’s assistance, so make sure you have someone else present when attempting this or call a professional company like us to do the work for you.

If there is a lot of water and it is covered by furniture, remove as much as possible using towels or absorbent material like sawdust. If your home has carpets, make sure they are completely dried out before walking on them again because otherwise, mold will start growing underneath them where you cannot see it.

2. Get A Dehumidifier To Help Dry Out The Area And Prevent Mold Growth

Another important step of water damage recovery is to get a dehumidifier. This will allow the room or house to dry out faster, which means that mold growth can be prevented. You may also want to consider getting fans for circulation to speed up this process even more.

Depending on how big the area affected by water damage is and how much water was present, using a dehumidifier may not be enough to prevent mold growth. In this case, you should consider hiring a professional company that can do the job for you so that everything is done correctly and there are no issues later on with mold growing in your house or business.

If the room affected by water damage contains furniture or appliances, you will want to check that they are still working correctly before using them again. If there is not enough time for the items to dry out without doing any damage, replace them with new ones if possible. Otherwise, you may have a problem later on when mold grows underneath surfaces and damages your furniture beyond repair.

3. Use Fans To Circulate Air In The Room Or House

To make sure that the room or house affected by water damage dries out quickly, you will want to use fans. This way, air circulation increases, and everything dry faster, which means mold growth can be prevented.

Depending on how much time it is for things to dry out before any mold issues occur – you may need a professional company to help you with this step if it is not enough time.

4. Put Down Layers Of Plastic Sheeting, Then Place A Layer Of Towels Over Them

This will soak up any remaining moisture and keep it from getting back into your home. When water damage occurs, these steps will make it possible to preserve as many items as possible.

5. Prevent Future Damage By Installing Flood Prevention Measures Such As Sump Pumps Or Floor Drains

It is important to install things that will prevent future water damage from occurring. For example, a sump pump can be installed if you have a basement or floor drains in the kitchen and bathrooms of your house for when there are issues with these areas.

If you need assistance with water damage restoration, call DNA Pro Clean at 703.520.5060  or visit our website! We will take care of the mess, so you don’t have to.